Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Artists, please let me know if this WEN # does not match the WEN# from your emailed entry tag.

Last, First WEN
Anderle, Matthew 53F31E
Bird, Shelley 16F790
Bird, Shelley 53F363
Brown, Petar 5C01AF
Brown, Petar B0AFA6
Coifman, Elaine C4717B
Freiman, Terri 9917EC
Gallaway, Guinivere 142B5B
Gallaway, Guinivere ABDA8D
Griffith, Adena BA2C87
Harper, Dana 13DCB8
Harper, Dana 6AE00E
Herman, Carol 8C6E09
Lavorini, Victoria 914FC0
Niemeier, Victoria E5FBFB
Reece, Beth AEA482
Reed, Meaghan 93662C
Reed, Meaghan D6576C
Rini, Lora 25B940
Rini, Lora 9B74F4
Rini, Lora BBD34E
Rini, Lora EE5F0D
Seabaugh, Jerry 17B991
Simonson, Owen 44A6CE
Sorenson, Maxwell 87CBFB
Wittmer, Christy 3AE9D6

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  1. Your post is great to read. I was wondering why people have different colors of life but still I participated.