Friday, May 11, 2012

Entry Process Helpful Hints

The new Ohio State Fair ( website is up, and looks great!

As the entry deadline approaches, I wanted to share some feedback I've been receiving from artists who have entered:

1. 400 pixels is the minimum amount of pixels your entry can have and 6MB is the largest file size we accept. There is some confusion between the Prospectus and the OAC guideline we provide on our site. I plan to clarify this for the 2013 Exhibition.

2. If you make a mistake with uploading log back in to the upload page.

3. You must pay for your entry at the time you enter in order to upload your images. The system only takes VISA or Mastercard,  If you do not own a credit/debit card you can have someone charge it for you, or you can purchase a VISA gift card just fill in your name and billing information along with the card number.

If you have any other helpful hints please email them to me

I hope this is helpful!

Entry deadline May 29, 2012

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