Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Professional Juror, Iduna Bohning

Iduna Böhning

Iduna has been working in the fields of Fine Arts since 1994. She has gathered a wide range and comprehensive amount of experiences in the fields of Arts and Arts Management from being the head of several art projects in the general public, developing and realizing of a functioning model of the Kunsthaus Raskolnikow and the construction and running of a gallery. Her areas of responsibilities expanded to an international level with the takeover of the scholarship program run between the state of Saxony, the GCAC Columbus Ohio and the supporters of the scholarship program of Dresden.
Explicit exhibitions from past scholarship holders and the development of a catalogue has helped integrate the exchange program as being part strong part of the range of duties covered by the gallery.
The job of the gallery, under management of Iduna Böhning, is promoted by the city of Dresden and the State ministry of Sciences and Culture.
We are open for new any impulses.

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