Wednesday, June 4, 2008

questions answered...


the size can be just above 1mb, follow the Ohio Arts Council size recomendations below, if the size is a bit over thats OK.

Also the black background is only recommended if you image will have some background( negative space around the art piece). and it is only a suggestion to help your work stand out. If you have different color background thats fine too.

thanks for working with us on this!!


  1. GARRRHHHH!!! For some reason I was thinking that there would be someone at the Fair tomorrow taking discs from last minute slackers like myself. Did I dream that? I can't find that anywhere now. Can someone please reassure me that if I stay up all night getting my entry ready and get it to the post office by tomorrow morning that everything will be okay?

  2. Hey Sharon, don't sweat it, the deadline is a post marked date, so just get it in tomorrow's mail and you are good to go!!