Monday, March 31, 2008

we are going digital

The Fine Arts Exhibition is now accepting images in Digital format only beginning this year. We will be working with the Ohio Arts Council to facilitate this transition. And hope that the format change will bring in more artists from all of Ohio. We are very excited about this new process, and hope you are as well!



  1. Check the prospectus link, please. I get an error message when I click on it.

  2. As a Black and White film photographer I feel that going digital is a MISTAKE!!!! If I wanted to have my photographs digitized I would have taken them with a digital camera!!! I feel that black and white photos lose their intensity as digital photographs. I feel that film is the true art in photography and you are asking all film photographers to go against there own artistic values when asking us to "go digitatl".

  3. Jim, the link is working now
    Thanks for the heads up!!

  4. I am so sorry for this grinphotography,

    We thought long and hard about going digital, and to keep current with the local and national trends we decided to go for it. The switch is important to us and helps facilitate a more diverse and current body work from our artists,make it easier for artists from all over Ohio to apply and giving the artist a more economical way of presenting their work.

    We are following the Ohio Arts Council guidelines and requirements and hope this will help in creating a unified requirement for artists to size their work to.

    Is there anything you would suggest in-terms of addressing your medium and the requirements you have for keeping to image at a proper quality level?

    We hope to be able to work with you, please let me know,

    sincerely ,

  5. If we send in a digital entry, do we need to send in a print if we are accepted?

  6. All entries are accepted on a cd, and the artwork could be anything from a sculpture, a painting or a photograph. If you are a digital photographer, you would need to print your piece, and blow it up to what ever size you wish, but you need to write the exact size you enlarge it on your entries form.