Monday, December 17, 2007

Featured Ohio State Fair Award winner Artist:Helma Groot

Helma Groot, was awarded one of the Ohio Arts council award, at the 2007 Ohio state Fair.
A brief interview with Helma:

Helma, could you describe some benefits to receiving your award from the Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibit?

"Because my award was through the Ohio Arts Council, it gives exposure to my art to the Council and a very diverse group of people get to see my work and see that you were recognized."

How has The Fair exhibition helped your career?

"The show has helped my career in many ways, I have gotten my best clients through the fair, I have gotten in to other exhibitions from my exposure at the Fair, as well as the sales and prize money."

What would you like to see new at the Fine Arts Exhibit ?

"I think would be fun if they add artists demonstrations during Fair."

What music do you like to listen to in your studio?

"Amiee mann , Elvis Costello,Beth Orton, hank williams, when I am lazy and don't want to keep changing the c.d.'s, WCBE."

What is your favorite time to work?

"In the evening when the kids are in bed."

Thanks Helma!
We look forward to seeing your artwork again soon!

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